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Any advice for a couple that have separated but still have agreed to do EM together? One merging type, wanting to be together again, one autonomy type agreeing to it more thinking it will help the other to move on, but still willing to do it. Thank you, Gopal!

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If you ask for advice on outside circumstance you still have not really understood what it's all about. Wether you are a couple, friends, a separated couple, married is all irrelevant. The transformation happens if you do HS with the one that is / lives emotionally closest to you. Or in other words the most important one in your live. It is about Honest Sharing not about the outside with contracts like relationships etc. If you want a contract like "we are together again" this has nothing to do with live with live force and energy flow. Then you are in your mind, in a dream (of being together). If you SHARE instead of dreaming, then you really live. This is the death of the ego.

Answered by Gopal
16. April 2023 at 09:33