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It has happened several times in my local group that a member is overcome by uncontrollable laughter. They then try their best to collect themselves and share all that comes up correctly, however, they really struggle to stop laughing. Am I supposed to interfere as a leader?

Submitted by Noca
Date Asked 9 months ago
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Basically interfering is neccessary only if the overall group process of honest sharing is at risk. If someone has to laugh loudly once, this is not a problem, or if someone once has to cry. On the other side if this becomes more or less a habbit and is used to bypass the honest sharing (emotions) then I would tell the group or the individual to try to not go into laughter, tears or whatsoever. Laughter and even tears *can* be used to suppress feelings. But it can also be part of a deep release and transformation. It is difficult to give general answers. Over the months and years of group leading you will directly feel and know what has to be done.

Answered by Gopal
8. October 2023 at 10:53