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What about tears and crying during EM, specifically couples in a crisis doing EM? Crying can be impossible to suppress when communicating feelings of sadness, fear, pain and anguish if for ex in your head you have thoughts of being hurt, abandoned etc.

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As an adult it is always possible to "supress" tears. YOU control your body, nobody else! And these are no real tears. These tears follow a STORY a DRAMA in your mind. They have nothing to do with the reality today. So even to say "supress" is not correct, it is more like not allowing false tears to make you unsconscious. Please study the merging typ. It is the typical situation for this type. The tears of the merging type are usually the cover of the huge suppressed rage and hate. What you describe is not really honest sharing. It is acting out by thinking. So the first step is that you at least start to integrate these projections of being abandoned in the future in your honest sharing. For example "My head thinks that you will abandon me in the future. I feel sadness." The more you share all this the more the suppressed hate and anger will come up and the less you have to suffer from this helpless sad states that belongs to your childhood.

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Answered by Gopal
2. February 2023 at 18:59